Study, Plan, Attack!


It’s T-Minus 2 days before the big tour kick off show in Victoria BC.

On Friday July 25th at the Oaklands Community Centre don’t miss Iskra, Storm of Sedition, Not A Cost and Evan Spastik!

Then on Saturday July 25th at 2pm catch the Study, Plan Attack: Understanding the Fracked Gas Hydra workshop at MOCL satellite venue 1060 North Park.  More details below!

Study, Plan, Attack: Understanding the Fracked Gas Hydra!


As part of the Beat the Pipelines Tour; in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en warriors and all rebels revolting against industrial expansion, we are presenting a brief anaylsis of LFG (Liquid Fracked Gas) in the lower mainland, sunshine coast and vancouver island.  Members of the Unist’ot’en Clan are standing strongly in the path of multiple pipelines, with threats of an impending showdown looming. Tenticles of this same beast spread throughout the territories. We are anarchists wanting to have some discussion on ideas of how/where to confront this beast in our own backyard and strengthen the entirety of the struggle.


When:  2-4pm Saturday July 26th


Where: Victoria BC at the new MOCL satellite venue at 1060 North Park (if we over flow the space we’ll head to Mason St. Park!)

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